Community Building

Our vision is to empower the next
generation of leaders, focusing on
the most underrepresented populations.

On the Ground

We are laying the foundation for the first ever intersectional and inclusive community center. Where each member of our community knows they are supported and can access stigma-free, care-centered healing spaces, hold the material and cultural wealth they need to thrive, and are empowered to take action in ways that preserve past legacies, values their present journey and creates new futures.

illustration of person who is planning a building project
Crowd excited and connecting with others using their devices

Connecting People

Our lived experience experts from across the city are the heartbeat of our work and accelerate connections. Our programming focuses on whole-person care and partners with influential established community builders.

Empowering Voices

We desire to create a physical hub where values aligned partner organizations and community leaders can organize communities, host educational programming, and offer services in a space that acknowledges,amplifies, and supports the healing of systemic trauma.

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Support the cause

The Social Impact Center's mission is centered on transformative justice healing for communities impacted by the War on Drugs.