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Race, Incarceration, and Social Responsibility for Cannabis Companies

Many cannabis companies are looking to recognize their social responsibility and take meaningful action on social equity.

They often aren’t educated on community needs and what sustainable change looks like. This can cause harm to the communities they wish to support. So where do we begin and how do we create sustainable practices that translates into action and impact?

Social Impact Center’s in-depth workshop, Changing the Narrative, offers cannabis companies a core competency on how to be more ethically present throughout their operations and thus set themselves apart in the cannabis space.

We provide your team a research-backed, digestible analysis that maps the history of cannabis and the landscape of how criminalization and race have shaped the industry. We match this with zeroing in on your company’s practices, and how to move from intent to action in responsible and responsive ways that optimizes your impact. Our team engages with the long-invisible yet groundbreaking solutions and visions produced in communities of color towards racial equity and abolition, and how these innovations can guide your company’s action going forward.

The three-hour intensive session is structured in a unique format that facilitates a safe space for participants to do the brave work of addressing gaps in their knowledge and practice regarding criminalization and race. SIC’s expert facilitation team ensures a healing-while-learning flow of information that does not overwhelm but empowers participants to make an embodied investment in the company’s long-term endeavor towards equity. After the workshop, your team will leave with a shared set of skills, and an actionable set of objectives, that equips the company for the process of internal change and external relationship-building that accelerates the achievement of your social responsibility and equity goals.

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